Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC

Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC was founded by former bankers in 1996 and is located at 120 Corporate Boulevard, Norfolk, Virginia 23502.  Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC buys consumer debt from creditors and other debt buyers for pennies on the dollar and tries to collect the entire balance.  Many times Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC will file lawsuits to collect on the accounts.

In Bexar County, Texas, Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC is one of the debt collectors filing the highest number of lawsuits.  It files lawsuits using its own attorneys and will use other collection law firms including Scott & Associates and Rausch Sturm.

It is legal in Texas for debt buyers to file lawsuits to try to collect purchased accounts.  But that doesn’t mean they will win.  You have options and defenses in a debt buyer lawsuit, sometimes even more than a lawsuit by an original creditor.  It is important to get legal advice before trying to defend yourself in a lawsuit filed by Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC. Schafer Law Firm, P.C. has successfully defended more than one hundred lawsuits brought by Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC.

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