Things to Consider When Hiring a Debt Defense Lawyer

Will the lawyer with their name on the letterhead actually meet or talk with you about the lawsuit and your options? Or do they expect you to meet with their assistant or newest lawyer at the firm?

Does the lawyer tell you about their losses as well as their wins?

Does the lawyer only tell you the reasons why you need legal representation? Or does the lawyer tell you the circumstances where you may be better off not hiring a lawyer?

Does the contract provide for a defense all the way through trial?  Or is the contract for less work like trying to get a case dismissed and negotiating a settlement that may not be right for you because the lawyer does not want to go to trial?

Will a lawyer do the work on your case?  Or does the “staff” do the important legal work on your case?

Will a lawyer with experience go to court for you? Or will the newest, least experienced lawyer at the firm handle your case at hearings, and worse yet, the trial?

Will anyone at the law firm go to court for your case? Or do they hire local appearance counsel with no prior involvement in your case to show up for hearings and trial?

It is important to ask questions and find out as much information as you can about a lawyer to make an informed decision.